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SelfHacked Elimination Diet Course

This program is for you if:

  • You struggle with autoimmunity or troublesome symptoms
  • You suspect food sensitivities may contribute to your health problems but you are struggling to pinpoint the source
  • You are ready, willing, and able to implement this diet
  • You're prepared to make other changes in your daily routine, such as working to reduce stress and get better sleep in order to get healthy

Studies have shown that elimination diets can help with*:

• Skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, and acne

• Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and Hashimoto’s

• Digestive problems including IBS and IBD

• Histamine intolerance


• Multiple sclerosis

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Personally, I've found that eliminating the foods I am sensitive to has been the most powerful way for me to:

  • Eliminate brain fog and fatigue
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Eliminate anxiety, depression, and OCD symptoms
  • and improve my digestive health

in ways that cannot be addressed by supplements, lifestyle changes, or other hacks.

  • People who are on a plant-based diet and are not willing to include animal products
  • People who are not ready, willing, or able to follow an elimination diet protocol
  • People who have already implemented an elimination diet and figured out which foods they are sensitive to
  • People who keep following diet after diet, and mix and match different diets together
  • People who cannot tolerate more than a few foods
  • People whose only goals are weight loss or body composition changes

This program is NOT for:


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Here's What You Will Get:

  • 17 video lessons on the science behind food sensitivities and the best way to identify your food sensitivities using our proven elimination diet protocol
  • Lifetime membership access to the online course
  • Recommended supplement lists for all phases of the diet
  • 10 additional downloadable recipes
  • Access to a private online Facebook community moderated by SelfHacked consultants where you will be able to connect with other members who are going through the same program
  • The SelfHacked elimination diet journal
  • A food substance sensitivity worksheet to help you identify substances in foods that you are likely reacting to

We will be adding new recipes and video lessons to the program, if appropriate. With lifetime access you get the benefit of all future content additions.


After years of nutrition research, I came across Joe’s site. The depth of knowledge here, as well as scientific verification, was something I hadn’t seen anywhere else. I booked a consult with Joe and found it extremely useful. Through my conversation with Joe, I realized I needed to address my gut health immediately and Joe gave me a great diet and supplementation routine for addressing these issues. I would highly recommend Joe as an expert on gut health issues, bio hacking, brain fog and insulin resistance among other things.

- JR, 

I was sticking as best I could to the diet / avoiding what foods I could, and also taking the supplements you recommended for the month before I went out there and I felt 10X better with my clarity and energy by the time I made it there, so I was very relieved to find a way to get such improvement. 

- Adam, Financial Analyst

I’ve been on the lectin avoidance diet (LAD) strictly for 40 days & have seen some great gains: gut stabilized, psoriasis fading. Also, energy improved (with help from resveratrol) – tho not enough yet.

My carb cravings diminished by about 85%, and my nerves were much steadier than before. An inflamed knee went down, and my reactions to histamine foods became less. I felt more socially fluid. My eyesight became sharper, & my eye blurriness (allergic I think) improved a lot.

By the way, a friend who developed a serious thyroid disorder saw a 75% turnaround in a week when I suggested the diet.

- John MacGregor, Journalist and Editor

I have been avoiding lectins for about 8 months now.

I would say that I noticed some effects of eating "clean" right away but it took me several weeks (~4 - 6) to start to feel the overall difference: a plateau of markedly less inflammation, more brain clarity. I would say the difference is subtle yet profound…. it is a diet designed for highly sensitive people, and some people will not be sensitive or perceptive enough to notice the reactions. ...

I found out the foods I personally react to experimenting. Consider the elimination diet. For me, I found certain foods are disastrous (wheat, dairy, alcohol), some foods are problematic (quinoa, beans, lentils, corn), some are moderately irritating (rice and potatoes), and some are slight but barely problematic (conventional grain-fed beef) enough not to be a major issue.

The Lectin avoidance diet is not about commandments, but about guidelines pointing out common "food culprits" to help you experiment and find out what works for you.

- Sherpa of Phoenix Rising 

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